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The Right Surveillance Camera System

Lacie / February 9, 2017

Robberies are rampant in today’s society. Commonly robbed places are small time business establishments. A long time ago, security guards were hired to protect the said establishment. However, it was costly to hire such security. With the hourly rate, the insurance, and the benefits costs, owners opted for another way to secure their establishment with minimal costs on their part. Thus, the creation of a Surveillance Camera system answered a lot of store owners dilemma.

The surveillance system allows the owners to keep an eye on their establishment. However, some owners who never seem to get satisfied with their surveillance camera system often blame the suppliers for giving them the wrong type of security camera. A few may even blame the manufacturers, unaware that the surveillance camera is placed in the wrong location, or that more surveillance cameras need to be installed to see a wider range of all the areas in their establishments. To get the absolute satisfaction of using your surveillance camera system, you have to address a number of issues.

Surveillance Camera System

For one, you have to identify your reason for acquiring a security camera. Two, do you require security camera during the daytime or nighttime? And if at nighttime, is your establishment well lit? And lastly, how big is the area that you want to be surveyed. At one point let us say an intruder has gotten in your establishment through a window or the back door. So you make a list of likely risks areas where an intruder and enter your establishment without anyone noticing. By making a list you get to know which areas need more Surveillance Camera system

This will also allow you to know the best location to place it. In most cases, one security camera is not enough. For experienced robbers know that they can just vandalize, cut the wires or break the camera to prevent you from further seeing their crime and identifying them. So, putting 2 or more surveillance camera systems that overlap each other, gives you a better chance at seeing any intrusions.

Others may want to set up their Surveillance Camera system too high to prevent anyone from vandalizing or breaking their cameras. This, however, will affect the quality of footage you get from your security cameras. So never place them too high that you won’t be able to identify an intruder. For ultimate satisfaction of quality footage during the daytime and nighttime, get the best surveillance camera system with pre-installation of infrared light.