Home Security

Home Security in Europe


Security is a big issue in Europe these days. After Bomb attacks in Paris Security concerns has been raised all over the Europe.

Gun Laws are not that strict in Europe. Because of this there have been many cases of Gun firing across Europe.

Most of the cases recorded were of Home Intruders. It has been found that the number of Intruders is on a rise.

So there is a need to increase Home security.

There are many security measures to choose from like CCTV cameras, Alarm systems, motion detection lamps, Safes etc.

These are some best measures that you can choose to secure your Home.

Alarm Systems

They are one of the most powerful security measures that you can opt for. There are some latest Alarm systems which send an alert to your phone if there is any problem at your home. If you live in a safe area where Intruders attacks are not much then you can surely purchase an Alarm system.

CCTV Camera

They are one of the most commonly used security systems all over the world. You can put CCTV anywhere inside your home or even just outside the Entry door. CCTV works fine anywhere you put it. The technology has gone to next level now. Now you can do live tracking through your smartphone.


Motion Detection Lamps

One of the most cost-effective security measures to choose from. You can put Lamps anywhere in the house. This has a high successful rate as Intruders doesn’t enter a house where they is a risk of getting caught. Best place to put a motion detector lamp is near the garage as this is the most attacked place by the intruders. It is a fact that the first place where a thief would look for is a garage. You can also install the lamp just outside the entry door.


The best security measure is to store your items in a safe. You can store all your important valuables like jewelry, hard cash, guns etc. There a lot of different sizes available in the safes category. If you don’t have large valuable items at your place then you can choose to purchase a gun safe for your car. You can easily secure small items like jewelry in a small safe or a car gun safe. There are also different types of safes available in the market like Ordinary or biometric safes. Ordinary safes are also very good but the locking mechanism used in a Biometric safe is much better than the locking mechanism of an Ordinary safe.


The most common security measure you can choose is to ensure that deadbolts are installed. The deadbolts are put on the doors which mean all exterior doors should be fitted with deadbolts. Installing deadbolts is not expensive at all. You can easily afford it.

Final say

Apart from all the security measures mentioned above you should also keep in mind to stay friendly in your neighborhood. Neighbors stay alert when you are out of the house. They are the first ones to be alerted when there is any intruder activity.

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